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  Click here for an OVERVIEW of the first draft of the NH reference forecast. This is a shorter document with selected charts and explanatory text. Last updated 3/15/02

(Click here for the first draft of the NH reference forecast in Excel format (Generation Review - Demand Forecast Review - Historical Demand Forecast Review). Please note that these documents contain spreadsheets and graphs without explanatory text. Last updated 3/15/02

   View comments on the Energy Plan Here

Click here to submit your comments on the New Hampshire Energy Plan!

Members of the Executive Committee

Workgroups listing and meeting schedule

Dates and Locations of Public Meetings

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Gov. Shaheen Signs Legislation to Establish Energy Plan

Click here to learn more about the Regional Economic Modelling Incorporated (REMI) data for NH used in the NHEP

With the passage of HB443, New Hampshire took an important step toward ensuring a safe, reliable, and environmentally sound energy future for our state. The bill charges the Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services (ECS) with developing a 10-year comprehensive New Hampshire Energy Plan (NHEP). Governor Shaheen and ECS believe that this is an important opportunity to provide information on New Hampshire’s current energy landscape and to plan for the State’s future energy goals.

With strong support from the State’s utilities and other stakeholders including businesses, non-profits, and environmental organizations, the bill calls for an energy plan that focuses on both the supply and demand for energy resources, transmission and distribution infrastructure, fuel diversity, energy efficiency and conservation initiatives, regional issues, and provides policy recommendations for the State’s energy future.

The planning and assessment process will include analyzing demand projections, the adequacy of generation and transmission systems, siting requirements, fuel sources, and how New Hampshire can continue to play a strong role at the regional and national levels. Citizens will be invited to participate through public meetings held throughout the State beginning in the Spring of 2002. ECS is working with students at the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at UNH to use their expertise in the drafting of the plan.

In order to create a comprehensive plan, ECS is working with a group of consultants who are experts in the field of energy planning, including Policy Assessment Corporation and Systematic Solutions, and Sylvatica.

  • Click here to view a presentation by Dr. George Backus of Policy Assessment Corporation to a group of stakeholders on December 12, 2001 (Presentation is in Adobe Acrobat format).

ECS created an Executive Committee to assist with the planning process, made up of key state agency heads and legislative leaders. The Committee is meeting regularly to review the planning process.

To ensure that the plan represents an accurate assessment of the State's energy landscape, ECS is enlisting the help of other state agencies, interested legislators, non-profit organizations, utilities and other stakeholders by convening work teams on the topic areas covered in the NHEP.

Funding for the NHEP will come from monies provided proportionally by electrical distribution companies out of the energy efficiency portion of the system benefits charge, or from conservation and load management accounts, as approved by the Public Utilities Commission.

Work on the plan has already begun and will be completed by November, 2002.

We still welcome written comments from any interested party, and you can use this link to submit them. Thanks to those of you who have already provided your comments and suggestions to us.

NHEP Executive Committee

  • Governor’s Policy Director Susan Arnold
  • DRED Div. of Economic Development Director Stuart Arnett
  • Senator Clifton Below
  • Dept. of Environmental Services Assistant Commissioner Dana Bisbee
  • Representative Jeb Bradley
  • Dept. of Admin. Services Director Mike Connor
  • Senator Lou D’Allesandro
  • Bruce DeMay, Assistant Director, Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau, Dept. of Employment Security
  • PUC Electric Division Director Tom Frantz
  • OSP Senior Planner Ben Frost
  • Representative Bill Gabler
  • PUC Commissioner Susan Geiger
  • Senator Bev Hollingworth
  • Representative Naida Kaen
  • Representative Ted Leach
  • ECS Director MaryAnn Manoogian
  • DOT Public Works Director Jim Marshall
  • Representative Terie Norelli
  • Representative Steven Sloan
  • Representative John Thomas

Work Group Information / Public Meetings

For more information on the State Energy Plan, contact:
Jack Ruderman
Deputy Director
Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services
57 Regional Drive Suite 3
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-8519
Phone 603 271-2611
Email: [email protected]

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